Have you met the Berkshire sloth?

Have you met the Berkshire sloth?

Did you know a West Berkshire village plays host to an incredible array of species of animal, one of which, the fascinating two-toed sloth, usually lives in the canopy layer of tropical forests?

The Living Rainforest in Hampstead Norrey's is that place and the visibility of the sloth is one of the subjects of this week's Real Reading Podcast.

The West Berks attraction is high on presenter Rachel Nemeth's list of places to revisit having started to venture out again with son Zach.

The sloth (more information on the Living Rainforest website here) is one of the animals Rachel is yet to see after several visits, the South American native has remained firmly out of sight.

As well as Choloepus didactylus, the team, including Hugh Fort and Tom Canning, discuss the week's Reading headlines and enjoy an interview with Blue Collar Street Food's Glen Dinning ahead of the regional leg of the 2020 British Street Food Awards.

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The only prerequisite is that they must live or work in the town and they must love Reading, Berkshire.

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