Wildlife Rescue Reuniting Baby Sloth With Mom Tugs at the Heartstrings

Wildlife Rescue Reuniting Baby Sloth With Mom Tugs at the Heartstrings

They have such a chill demeanor and give off a laid-back vibe. They're slow and always seem so serene. Not to mention they look like they're always smiling! But it seems like I come across a lot of TikToks showing moms getting separated from their babies, and it is always such a joy to see them reunited.

Located in Costa Rica, Jaguar Rescue Center rescues and rehabilitates many different animals. They shared a video on New Year's Day 2024 that showed a mama sloth being reunited with her baby, and it will give you all the feels. Make sure your sound is up to hear baby's sweet little cry!

Fun Facts About Sloths

While I consider sloths one of my favorite animals, I realized that I really don't know much about them. I thought it would be fun to share some interesting facts about them (I love random trivia facts), and after reading more about them I like them even more!

Some of the things I learned about baby sloths surprised me. Although they weigh only 10 ounces at birth, they are born with sharp claws and a full set of teeth...not to mention they are born with their eyes open. They can climb at birth as well, and cling to their mother's fur; this may explain why so many of them get separated from mom because if they let go, they fall.

Sloths move at a whopping 15 feet per minute...this is why there are so many sloth rescue videos around! Imagine how long it would take for them to get across a busy road. Another interesting thing about sloths is that some of them live their entire lives in the same tree. Since they can live for up to 40 years, I imagine that it gets incredibly boring never leaving the tree!

I'm so glad that Jaguar Rescue Center shares these heartwarming videos, and I hope that they continue to do so. It always brightens up my day when I stumble across their videos!

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