You can now eat brunch with a sloth and a snake in Dubai

You can now eat brunch with a sloth and a snake in Dubai

And no, that’s not a euphemism…

We’ve seen some wild things on the Dubai brunch scene, but never before have we man-handled a python over pancakes. Until this past weekend, that is, when The Green Planet invited us along to its all-new Picnic Brunch with Sloth and Friends.

The picnic brunch takes place on Fridays and Saturdays, in the shaded alfresco space outside the Green Planet Cafe. It’s a wholesome, well-organised affair, with plenty of space between tables, a family-friendly menu, and animal encounters that your little ones will love.

After taking a seat at our table, we’re handed a picnic basket filled with fruit, cheese and crackers, and invited to explore the buffet stations. There’s a vine-shrouded counter laden with exotic fruits, and a drinks station that includes detox water alongside a range of juices.

brunch with a sloth dubai

To eat, there’s a bakery stand bearing pastries and rolls, a barbecue dishing out burgers and hot dogs, and another section where you can order pancakes, quesadillas and omelettes cooked to order.

It’s all perfectly pitched at young palates, but with plenty to appeal to adults too (we hit the beef quesadillas and guacamole hard). But really, the reason we’re here is to hang out with the Green Planet’s resident sloth, Lola, and her mates.

The animals all make a scheduled appearance throughout the brunch, with trained biologists bringing them around to each table. First to appear is a giant python, which our three-year-old very bravely pats. Next, a spiky bearded dragon does the rounds, before sleepy Lola is brought out to a branch for a snack and a snooze.

In between the animal appearances, children can also pet tortoises and rabbits, and burn off their burgers in the spacious soft play area. It’s a lot of fun for the little ones – and Miss Three declares it to be the best brunch ever.

Family picnic brunch with sloth and friends, The Green Planet, City Walk, Fri and Sat 10am to 1pm. Dhs175 for adults, Dhs49 for children (under 5s free).

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