The best present we can give this year?

The best present we can give this year?

2020, am I right? Feels like the ups and downs that brought us here made us stronger. Bad experiences can teach us more about life than good times. These are times that end up making us kinder, wiser and more empathetic. They make us stronger, smarter, and better prepared for tomorrow — and boy has this year made us grow!

With this in mind, this holiday season can be really special: one to be a part of something bigger.

Presents are always conversation starters, and it can mean a great deal to the person who’s giving it as much as to the person who’s receiving it. For big wildlife fans, sloth fans, and altogether environment fans, symbolically adopting a wild animal from the Toucan Rescue Ranch can be the perfect gift.

By adopting a character or species, you will be helping with their overall care. We have two types of adoptions: the Classic Adoption — where you can choose a species of your preference, or the Celebrity Adoption — where you can adopt one of our most famous residents you’ve probably seen on our social media!

"Happy Holidays!" — this sloth, probably (Photo via Toucan Rescue Ranch.)

You can adopt sloths, toucans, monkeys, owls… even an otter and porcupines, amongst others! These adoptions can bring a new perspective to the adopter about wildlife. You get to learn more about the animal, their species, and personalities! In addition, you get a full adoption package that varies depending on the symbolic adoption you choose.

Since these animals are rescues, you get to experience their journey with us and be amazed at nature’s work. Trust us, they can teach us a lot about growth, adapting to whatever life throws at you, gratitude, and finding beauty in moments often overlooked.

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