Sippin with Sloths

Sippin with Sloths

FRANKFORD, Del.- Salted Vines Vineyard had an event Wednesday to show off their new wine, which was inspired by some cute animals.

The winery and Barn Hill Preserve have teamed up for an event called “Sippin with Sloths” in the past and on Wednesday they hosted another one of these events.

During the event, people can wine taste, while hanging out with sloths.

But this event was special as they showed off their new wine called “Lower Slower Delaware.”

The wine was made in honor of their sloth events, since they have been such a hit.

“We always like to come up with new and interesting things, especially for our area which is growing and just truly booming,” Katie Duke, the general manager at Salted Vines Vineyard, said.

“It’s the fun event where the community that the community gets to kind of take their mind of whats going on right now,” Josh Mueller, the owner of Barn Hill Preserve, said.

We are told the new wine will be officially released tomorrow.

Part of proceeds of each bottle sold will go to Barn Hill Preserve and it will also help build a new sloth enclosure.

If you want to know more about upcoming “Sippin with Sloths” events, you can go on the Barn Hill Preserves website.

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