Chico, Texas State Aquarium's two-toed sloth, dies

Chico, Texas State Aquarium's two-toed sloth, dies

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Workers over at the Texas State Aquarium are mourning as they announced the loss of a very special resident.

Chico, their Linnaeus' two-toed sloth, died Tuesday morning.

According to a post on their official Facebook page, the Aquarium's Bird and Mammal Team recently noticed that Chico was having some gastrointestinal issues. The Aquarium's Animal Health and Animal Care Teams worked tirelessly to treat the issue, performing multiple diagnostic tests and consulting with numerous experts in the field.

Unfortunately, Chico did not respond to the treatments.

"We ask that you please keep our Bird and Mammal Team in your thoughts as they deal with this heartbreaking loss," the post reads. "Chico was a fantastic ambassador for his species and will be deeply missed."

A full necropsy is pending.

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