Bristol Zoo announce name of new baby sloth

Bristol Zoo announce name of new baby sloth

The first sloth to be born at Bristol Zoo Gardens in almost a decade has officially been given her new name.

After an online poll, the name 'Noco' came out on top with more than 30% more votes than the second-placed name 'Flash'.

The name Noco is short for Orinoco, the river running through the sloth's homeland in South America.

Noco was born to 8-year-old mum Trixie and 19-year-old father Rio in April.

Al Toyne, Mammals Team Leader at the zoo said that: She is making great progress. She is strong and healthy and Trixie is a lovely, attentive mother," he said.

"So many people have been interested in her birth and following her progress. Her arrival is important for maintaining the sloth population and ensuring these amazing animals are there for future generations.”

Noco, who is a Linne’s two-toed sloth, weighs approximately 780 grams and has a body length of about 28 cm.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature states the numbers of two-toed sloths are declining, mainly due to the loss of their rainforest habitat in their native South America. 

They move very slowly so they are often unable to escape if an area of forest is felled for agriculture or timber. They are also hunted in Brazil for their meat.

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