Baby sloth born at Buttonwood Park Zoo

Baby sloth born at Buttonwood Park Zoo

A baby Hoffman’s two-toed sloth has been born at Buttonwood Park Zoo, the first in the zoo's 127-year history.

Zoo officials announced the Hoffman’s two-toed sloth was born on June 22 to first time parents, 12-year-old female Sandy and 20-year-old male, Bernardo.

“Since this is Sandy’s first birth, we wanted to give her plenty of space to bond with baby before we performed an examination," said BPZOO’s veterinarian, Dr. Erica Lipanovich in the news release. "We were able to quickly examine the baby at six days old, where it weighed in at 348 grams (roughly 0.76 pounds) — both baby and mom are doing exceptionally well.” 

Sloths do mostly everything upside down high up in the trees — eat, sleep, mate, and give birth — lowering to the ground only to defecate. For months, after confirming pregnancy as part of this animal’s regular ultrasound exam training, zookeepers were carefully monitoring and awaiting this monumental birth, eagerly checking on Sandy every morning. The baby will cling tightly to its mother’s fur, and young sloths remain near their mothers for around a year. Zoo staff will continue to monitor the baby’s growth with weekly weight checks and will eventually determine the sex, which can be an incredibly tricky process in sloths, according to the release.


A baby two-toed sloth has been born at Buttonwood Park Zoo -- the first in the zoo's 127-year history.
“Sandy is doing a great job,” said Jessica Martinho, one of the zookeepers who cares for the sloths in the release. “She is sleeping and eating; the baby is nursing — both are doing exactly what they should be doing.”
“Sloths are one of the most popular species at the Zoo and bringing additional awareness of these unique, fascinating animals will help further educate our audience to the importance of conserving wildlife," zoo director Keith Lovett said in the release.


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