Adorable Pop Up Sloth Clothes Hook is Worth the Wait

Adorable Pop Up Sloth Clothes Hook is Worth the Wait

Can you imagine meeting someone who doesn’t like sloths? I actually can’t. Those adorable, friendly creatures are truly living their best lives. They don’t expend any unnecessary energy in their pursuit of a peaceful existence full of sleeping and eating. They’re just pure joy.

Unfortunately, their needs mean they aren’t the best pets. Fortunately, they can still bring joy to our homes with this inventor’s creative Pop Up Sloth Hook. It’s a device whose real payoff is worth the wait. And the best part is you can 3D print and make one yourself. So long as you have some Silly Putty on hand.

YouTuber Bryce Bell has built an amazing wall hook. When you hang something on it a sloooooow moving sloth with a big smile comes out of the top. Bell also designed the shape of the hook to look like a sloth’s leg, rather than a tail, because “the stubby tail of a sloth wouldn’t make a very good hook.” When the item (which can’t be too light) is removed, the cute little fella takes his time going back into his little home.

This is a variation of a Pop Up Monkey Hook that Bell made previously. But it doesn’t have quite the same panache or elegance of his deliberate sloth version.

Both contraptions use the same basic design and components. You can download the files for the parts needed so you can 3D-print your own. You will also need Silly Putty to create the slow moving effect for the sloth. It’s one adjustment Bell used to dramatically decrease the sloth’s movement compared to the eager monkey. He also adjusted the lever that raises and lifts the sloth. The use of a rubber band is why the items can’t be too lightweight, lest the sloth stays inside.

Adorable Pop Up Sloth Clothes Hook is Worth the Wait_1Bryce Bell

Can you imagine meeting someone who didn’t like this amazing hook? I can’t either.

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